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Doing it wrong since 1998.

Free Signs Everywhere!

Free Signs Everywhere!Cany you believe it? Someone is leaving these signs all over the place for me to use. I find them on just about every street corner in my neighborhood all the time. I can use these signs for all kinds of stuff like logos of that I can...

Zim Hunter and PervyPixie

Zim Hunter and PervyPixietwo Amateur Fetishists with a love for PornWe all want things in life. If we want it bad enough,we can get it. If you want a pixie to beat, bruise, an dpunish OR if you like to submit and do what your told, anything is possible. I really...


6000 Steps Reached(on Pornhub)My Android watch thinks I have been getting in my steps on some days when all I have been doing is watching videos on Pornhub all day. The watch may be defective. I have reached 6000 steps in 2 days recently and I haven't even been out of...

Always a Clean Pinch

I have found the way to always have a clean pinch. If I prolapse when I take a shit, I don’t have to wipe. That saves toilet paper!

Horror Porn!

Some of the best porn skits I have seen in a really long time. Mostly because my sensories are pretty burned out.

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